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Sometimes the dark, cool, rainy summer or winter days may be dragging you down and many patients come in with low spirits, frontal headaches and joint pain due to the weather.

Anyone that has internal damp in their body may experience an exacerbation of symptoms when it rains or is cool outside. Dampness is usually due to poor diet or internal organ weakness.

Signs of dampness include being easily tired, feeling heavy, body pain in one location, swelling, excess mucus or phlegm, excess weight.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can help eliminate dampness in the body by strengthening the digestive system to eliminate damp.

In addition to addressing any health concerns you have, an acupuncture treatment can help lift your spirits.

Many patients feel a sense of euphoria, calm and well-being following an acupuncture treatment due to the additional affect acupuncture has on increasing serotonin, the "feel-good" hormone that allows one to feel rested, relaxed, and happy.

Furthermore, even though clouds are a plenty, to unify with summer, a yang season, our Acupuncturists suggest expressing the yang principle-expansion, growth, lightness, outward activity, brightness and creativity.

To be in harmony with summer, wake early in the morning and reach for the sun. Even on days when it is overcast, cool and raining, lift your spirits by opening a window to smell the fresh rain, go onto your deck or yard or best, go for a walk where there are flowers blooming and gardens growing to allow the bounty of summer to enter and enliven you.

Practice expansive, opening, deep breathing on waking to expand your heart, the organ connected with summer. This is the organ to focus on the most now. It's in charge of your blood circulation and deep breathing helps to circulate oxygen and nutrients to the rest of your body.

Add some creativity by pulling out a crafty hobby on a rainy day or create a flower arrangement for your dining table and allow the brightly coloured blossoms to bring a bright smile across your face. Summer can be joyous even with little sun.

Herbal Remedy for Mosquito Bites:
Mosquito bites just plain itch! Chinese herbs can be very helpful for reducing itching. 'Yin Care' is a topical wash used for itching and inflammation of the skin. The herbs contained in the formula such as she chuang zi and di fu zi work to calm itch while sheng di huang and jin yin hua reduce inflammation. A little dab on a bite eases any itch.

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