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All our team members offer a 15 minute free consultation for those interested to learn about our offerings and ensure a good fit of practitioner and patient.

Please contact us to discuss fees, services and packages, as the below only covers our more common visits and patient enquiries.

To make an appointment please call 604-568-6899 or email us at

No GST is charged, unless otherwise noted:

Initial 1 hour visit: $175
Initial Childrens visit: $155
Return visit 30 min: $100
Return visit 45 min: $130

Initial visit 60 min: $145 + GST
Return visit 40 min: $95 + GST

Laboratory testing:
IVs range from: $105 upwards + GST, call for specifics.
IV Meyers push: $85 + GST

50 min sessions: $120 + GST

Holistic Nutrition
Initial 1 hour visit: $130 + GST
Followup visit: $95 + GST

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