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What Your Heavenly Waters Should Flow Like

A Chinese Medicine Perspective of a Good Period Flow. Start with Supporting the Flow. In Chinese medicine, we call the period 'The Heavenly Waters';. When you are working on becoming more fertile or to reduce issues with your period such as cramping, spotting, flooding, heavy or light flow supporting the monthly discharge of the lining of the uterus is a key first step...

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My 5 Favorite Self Care Rhythms

Starting January 1st 2016, many, many months ago now, I decided I was finally going to give meditation a serious effort. I downloaded some tracks and every morning I would get up 20 minutes before I needed to and plug in my earphones and just sit and listen...

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Stop the Sneezing, Itchy Eyes & Congestion Naturally

Beautiful blossoms are starting to open on trees all around Vancouver town. For people with seasonal allergies this invites the return of seasonal allergy symptoms including sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, frontal headache, irritability, loss of smell, a heavy sensation...

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The #1 Food to Give Up to Improve Male Fertility

Let Go of Smoking, Drinking and Processed Meats. There are two definitive things to avoid to help with male fertility – smoking and drinking alcohol. However, many men do not realize that their diet can also affect their fertility...

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How Bioidentical Hormones Can Change Your Life, Mood, Energy and More

What are Bioidentical Hormones? As we age, our bodies'; production of hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which help maintain youthful vitality, decreases. Bioidentical hormone therapy is the process of replacing human hormones that have naturally declined. They have the exact same molecular structure as the hormones which you naturally produce in the body and are made from natural ingredients as prescribed by a Naturopathic Physician.

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Flow, Grow, Move & Hold The Power of Acupuncture & Herbs for Fertility

Research Proves Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Boost Fertility. Chinese Herbs and acupuncture support the phases of the menstrual cycle to regulate any areas that are out of balance. Multiple studies have shown that acupuncture alone or combined with herbs can, strengthen the immune system and support general health to promote a healthy pregnancy and baby....

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Need an Energy & Emotions Boost?

Today when reading about nourishing the Adrenal Glands, I read the following and was inspired to share as I have seen great results come from using acupuncture and herbs to treat fatigue & low spirits.Acupuncture Supports Adrenal Fatigue...

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