Health Tips | PMS and Menopause

Q: PMS and Menopause is becoming more common in our society. Is there anything that Naturopathic Medicine can do for Women's Health?

A: PMS begins days before the onset of menstruation and becomes progressively worse until menstruation starts. The common symptoms are mood swings, anxiety, depression and bloating. Menopause is a natural part of growing older. It does not usually require treatment, unless you suffer from some common symptoms, such as hot flashes, insomnia, decreased sex drive and depression. The next step in treating either one of these conditions is a healthy lifestyle - to eat well, get regular exercise and limit caffeine, alcohol and stress. There are certain supplements that can also help, such as Black Cohosh, Vitamin B6 as well as natural Bioidentical Hormone therapy. For this and other ideas, a Naturopathic Physician can help you tailor a diet, supplement and healthy lifestyle routine to help you deal with your concerns.

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