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To all men out there...It's time to step up and get checked out, take a proactive approach to maintain vitality and health over the long term!

5 things to give you a health boost!

Increase physical activity - increase cardiovascular exercise to 3 sessions per week and love what you do - a game of tennis, sweating it out at hockey practice, jogging along the seawall with a friend or listening to your favourite podcasts. Guaranteed mood and vitality booster in the dark days of winter!

Build muscle mass - focus on these foods know to increase muscle building potential: fruits and vegetables, eggs, lean meats and fish, beans and legumes. All of these food groups contain useable protein and anti-oxidants to give your biceps the nourishment they need to thrive!

Lose weight around the middle - cut the sugar! As the holiday season approaches, sugary snacks are all around us. Giving up the hot chocolate, that extra bite of banana bread or ice cream will make all the difference around your waist line and can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Keep in mind this category also includes: white rice, pastries and white breads! Choose fresh fruit, protein smoothies, trail mix and complex carbohydrates such as hummus, cut up veggies to curb the cravings.

Boost Vitality - have trouble focusing at work or feel like hitting the couch by the time Friday arrives? Avoid the sugary foods, get to bed early, cut down on alcohol consumption and practice stress reduction techniques. All of these have been shown to increase vitality and greater sense of well being. Also, turn off that TV and computer! Yes, give yourself a tech break to get grounded and recharge your system.

Get regular health check-ups, don't be shy! - Keeping healthy is up to you! Get checked out and keep ahead of the game! See below for some basic screening guidelines for men. (There may be others according to your personal and family history, so speak with your health care provider about what is right for you.)

In your 20's? Get your diet on track to include high fibre, protein and anti-oxidant rich foods. Get an initial blood pressure measurement done. If you smoke, quit now! Ask your family about the details of their health history; your parents, siblings and grandparents. This is important information for you to know.

In your 30's? Get your blood pressure and body mass index checked to make sure you are maintaining a healthy weight. Check yourself for testicular masses each month, especially important for younger men.

In your 40's? Get your baseline cholesterol and your fasting blood sugar checked. Have your initial prostate exam done and keep proactive to maintain a healthy weight.

In your 50's? Keep checking the cholesterol, blood sugar levels and body mass index. Speak with your naturopathic doctor or family doctor about your risk for colorectal cancers and what screening may be appropriate for you.

In your 60's? Along with the other general health screening, you may have your bone density checked if your health care provider feels that it is indicated.

In your 70's, 80's or 90's? Speak with you naturopathic or medical doctor to see what screening exams are required. Stay active and continue to involve yourself with activities you enjoy.

Cross Roads naturopathic medicine is here to help, offering men's health exams and plans to help you with diet, exercise planning, stress management and to make sure you stay ahead of the game. Your body will thank you for it! Come in for a health check today, get on track and feel great!

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