Jun 29, 2023

Direct Billing

Crossroads Naturopathic is happy to announce that we have direct billing in our clinic!

Availability of this service is dependent on your carrier and/or plan. Please note that all treatment fees are the responsibility of the patient. If online direct billing is not available you will be asked to pay for your visit upfront, and we will provide you with a receipt which you can submit to your extended health carrier for reimbursement.

All new patients booking with us will receive the consent form to begin the set up process. If you are an existing patient with us and have not yet received a "direct billing consent form" - please reach out via email or phone for the front desk to send this link to your email.

From there, it is easy for patients to upload the necessary information to your patient profile for any upcoming appointments.

We will not be accepting patient's insurance cards in-person due to patient confidentiality, so please understand that this must be done by yourself before your visit!

Our front desk staff also cannot call your insurer's on your behalf for privacy reasons - so please contact your insurance provider for any coverage questions.

Direct billing FAQs:

  • How do I know how much I am covered for?
    You can learn the details of your coverage by contacting your extended health carrier or from your plan administrator.
  • What if my visit is partially covered by my extended health carrier?
    We can still bill your carrier! If your visit is partially covered we will bill the covered amount to the carrier and ask that you pay the balance of your visit at the end of each treatment.
  • What if my claim is denied? If your visit is denied for online direct billing we ask that your balance is paid in full at the end of each treatment. The front desk staff will advise you if your claim has been denied before you leave. Please note: Some plans have restrictions that do not allow for online direct billing. To check if you are eligible for this service please contact your extended health carrier.

Direct billing is here to stay! We hope you enjoy this new service from us and it can provide some ease with Crossroads' billing process.

- CR Naturopathic team

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