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An Integrated Healthcare Model for the future.

In keeping with one of the main philosophies of naturopathic medicine, “treat the whole person”, comes the vision for Cross Roads Clinic, a collective of various health practices to serve and care ...


Detoxify your Home

Did you know our indoor air quality can be twice as bad as what we encounter outdoors, even in the city? The reason for this is the many chemicals present in our homes in the form of cleaners, what...


Do Relationships Affect My Allergies?

Love is more important than any other thing we are doing to stay, be or get healthy. That’s a BIG statement, isn’t it? So take a moment to ponder it. Because the quality of our relationships has...


Detoxing – Cleansing for the Season

With Autumn approaching and the intense heat of the summer mostly behind us, many people seek a way to support energy and well-being as we head back to our school and work routines. One of the ...

Hormonal Health

A Chinese Medicine Perspective of a Good Period Flow

Start with Supporting the Flow. In Chinese medicine, we call the period “The Heavenly Waters”. When you are working on becoming more fertile or to reduce issues with your period such as cramping ...

What’s New At Crossroads?

One of the main philosophies of naturopathic medicine is empowering each person to take charge of their health. In our blogs, you will find tips on nutrition, hormonal health, naturopathic laboratory and specialty testing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Self-Care and much, much more. Happy browsing!