Nov 18, 2020

Supporting all patients across British Columbia, the power of telemedicine

During these stressful times, its more important than ever to reach out for professional support to assist with your healthcare.

Our team at Crossroads Naturopathic, are now experts with telemedicine. We offer both in-clinic and virtual sessions, we know many people around British Columbia can’t get to an in-person visit easily, or have services they need in their town.

Our team of practitioners, setup with state of the art video conferencing and online booking, make it easy to schedule a time that works for you. We know its become even harder to find time during busy schedules.

Our Team are now Telemedicine Experts

We can help with all ranges of concerns and support needs, whether it’s a need to connect with someone empathetic and supportive to support your mental health, to discuss your overall health wellness or how to optimize yours and your families health.

Our team is knowledgeable on a wide range of common supplements, we can recommend in a location near you, we can ship direct to you from our in-clinic inventory as an option.

We offer extended hours into the evening and Saturdays. If full, we can often accommodate Sunday bookings, so you can find the help and guidance you require, anytime you need at a location that suits you, the power of telemedicine / video conferencing.

Visit our practitioner pages for more information on who they are and the services they provide, we are also happy to offer a complimentary virtual meet and greet. Our team culture and offerings to patients is one of diversity and inclusivity, we welcome everyone to our clinic and know we can find a great patient – physician match.

Our team is able to treat any patients that reside in British Columbia, and most company extended health plans provide coverage for several visits.

An initial visit generally takes 1 hour, and repeat sessions will vary depending on your needs and vary from 15min to 45min.

We are seeing an increase during Covid times of trouble keeping motivated, working through relationship issues, optimizing your immunity and dealing with stress, all things our team can help with.

Looking forward to meeting and seeing how we can take this journey together for your optimal health.

We are happy to be using the Jane.App since mid-2020 for our online booking and video conferencing! For more details on security and compliance, please click here. (

For those patients without a good internet connection or who prefer not to use video, we can support you with direct phone support too.

What’s New At Crossroads?

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