Dr. Kristen Brown

Hi, my name is Dr. Kristen Brown. I am a naturopathic physician who practices holistic family medicine and I feel passionate about helping my patients achieve lifelong health and wellness!

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Concerns that I commonly see in my practice and a few of the topics I choose to focus on with my patients: (this is not a complete list!)

My practice offers general naturopathic family healthcare.

  • Women’s health; infertility, PMS, painful periods, irregular cycles, peri-and post menopausal symptoms, fertility challenges, pregnancy and post-partum health, counselling on birth control options
  • Children’s health exams, healthy eating, allergies, eczema and digestive difficulties in childhood
  • Teenage health and wellness including physical and mental health
  • Digestive challenges including IBS, reflux, chronic bloating
  • Investigation of food allergies
  • Skin health and it’s optimization including acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections
  • Fatigue!
  • Mood support, care and support for symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Acute illness such as: upper respiratory infections, sore throat, ear infections, headaches

Some of my philosophies and focus areas in my practice:

  • Nutrition and healthy eating: building healthy, sustainable habits and supporting a healthy relationship with food
  • I choose to focus on mindful and intuitive eating and the practice of this!
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques, naturopathic counselling are an integral part of my practice each day at the clinic
  • Herbal medicine and clinical nutrients may be incorporated into your plan

My practice has evolved over the past 15 years. I have felt drawn to focus much more on the care of hormonal health throughout our lives (women, men and teens!), mental and emotional well being (all ages!) and the exploration of our relationships with our food that we eat each day.

With my undergraduate degree in exercise science, I still have a genuine love for the amazing ways our bodies respond to exercise and movement which I often incorporate into my treatment plans with patients. My studies in naturopathic medical school at Bastyr University in Seattle, led me to a focus on women’s and children’s health, which I still deeply care about today in my practice.

Peronally, I love to spend time outside trying to keep up with my two kids, who keep me hopping and remind me each day how to be a better person. I consider myself a lifelong student or learner of how to care for others, how to be caring and compassionate with myself and how to juggle everything that each day brings!

Come and chat to me and we can help you begin your journey to optimal health and vitality!

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