Many extended health care providers cover our services. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to learn the details of your plan.

Please contact us to for more information on additional rates, services and packages. The below is a brief listing of the most common visit types we have at our clinic.

To make an appointment please call 604-568-6899 or email us at

No GST is charged, unless otherwise noted:

Naturopathic Medicine:
Initial visit – 1 hour: $185
Initial Children's visit – 50 minutes: $155
Return visit – 30 min: $108
Extended Return visit – 45 min: $140

Initial visit 60 min: $150 (GST exempt)
Return visit 40 min: $115 (GST exempt)

Naturopathic IV Therapeutics:
IVs range (nutrition, glutathione, chelation, etc.): $105 and up + GST, please call our office for specific details.
IV Myers nutrient formula: $90 and up + GST

Our Services

We have some of the most highly rated associates in our clinic, and together they offer a full range of services to help tailor options for you and your families optimal wellness.