Oct 19, 2020

Do Relationships Affect My Allergies?

by Magi, Intuitive Healer, Quantum Activist

Love is more important than any other thing we are doing to stay, be or get healthy.

That’s a BIG statement, isn’t it? So take a moment to ponder it.

Because the quality of our relationships has much more to do with illness than most of us realize. And life is a weave of relationship. In fact, it’s nothing but relationship!

The real battery of our health is powered from the invisible world — the world of psychic stress. Health cannot be achieved or maintained if a person is consumed by negative emotion. And how many of us are experiencing negative emotion in ourselves and in relationship to others?

Too many!

At the root of negative emotion is always a sense of powerlessness. That is, we enact cruelty, arrogance, selfishness, stubbornness, fear, anger, jealousy, self-pity, guilt, self-deception (and on and on it goes) when we sense someone has power over us. But the real problem is that we don’t feel empowered within ourselves.

Disempowerment is a symptom of being disconnected from the Divine or what is Sacred, also powered from the invisible world. So it is ultimately our attitude and our attunement with the Sacred that determines our health. Some of the qualities of the Sacred include joy, wisdom, intuitive knowing, acceptance, nobility, cooperation, adaptability, creative purpose, good will, self-respect, resourcefulness, discernment, beauty, optimism … and on and on it goes.

Negative emotion generates emotional trauma.

Emotional trauma and suffering create emotional congestion. Emotional congestion or blockages cause us to behave in dysfunctional ways. Dysfunctional emotional behaviour generates psychic stress. And the physical body responds to the stress.

What makes you angry will make you sick. Fear of not being loved and being worthy of love will make you sick. Harbouring guilt will make you sick. Resentment that develops from a sense of others receiving what should be yours will make you sick. Fear of showing or sharing affection will make you sick. Holding onto old hurts will make you sick.

The most commonly experienced physical illnesses from these “heart” imbalances or dis-eases include asthma, allergies, lung problems and bronchial difficulties.

So, we’re back to the beginning: Love is more important than any other thing we are doing to stay, be or get healthy.

Here’s some loving medicine to practice:
See other people as blossoming in their greatest strengths rather than their occasional weakness. Let your belief in them become the seed for healing their self-perception. And accept your own perfection rather than focusing on the inadequacies that others are generally quick to point out to you. Then you will experience the same healing for yourself that you are willing to give to to others.

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