Children’s Health

Cross Roads Clinic prides itself on the model of integrated care, in keeping with this philosophy, we have access to a quick and efficient referral process if further care or follow up is needed by our medical and pediatric colleagues.

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We enjoy our children and teen visits here at Cross Roads and love watching them grow and thrive!

We offer natural health care right from birth up through the teenage years. One of our main naturopathic philosophies is prevention and there is no better time to start being proactive about health than in childhood!

We meet with children and their parents almost daily in our practices and common treatment goals include;

  • Optimizing nutrition for each stage of childhood
  • Digestion: support for reflux, constipation and “tummy aches”
  • Skin: The natural treatment of eczema and/or atopic dermatitis, and protocols for teenage acne
  • Allergies: Reduction and prevention of food and environmental allergies
  • Immune: Creating immune supportive protocols for the winter season
  • Mental Health: Discussion and care for each child’s mental and emotional health

Popular topics of discussion:

  • Breast feeding support
  • Solid food introduction
  • Teething and sleep maintenance
  • Vaccines
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Anxiety symptoms in children and teens

We also commonly see acute concerns such as: colds & flu’s, ear infections, sore throat and fevers.

We happily provide thorough well-child visits, including measurements and full physical exams for children of all ages.